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Adopted? Interested in Adoption? I’ve Got a Story for You!

Posted on March 17th, 2011 by David R. Ford

I started writing Blind in One Eye:  A Story About Seeing the Possibilities just so that I could keep the memories of my search for my adoption history in one place.  By the time I’d finished, though, the book had a bigger purpose for me.  Yes, I do tell the startling details of finding my secretive birth family—and it’s a story in which I’m very happy to have played a role.

But I learned a few lessons about myself, lessons that I suspect apply to most of us (adopted or not), while trying to learn how to integrate myself into the strange family that jumped out of the darkness at me.  If you’re interested in my story, check out the book website:  You’ll find links to the paperback, hardcover, Kindle, Nook and Apple iBookstore versions, as well as a few sample chapters.

The search for my birth family also solidified my support for “open” adoptions—giving adoptive and birth families full access to their adoption records—as the more rational alternative to the traditional “closed” process where adoptees were kept in the dark about how they came to exist.  I personally ran up against the old rules blocking me from the government files that held my secrets, and those roadblocks slowed my progress for two decades.

I look forward to sharing adoption experiences with you in subsequent posts—and to hearing yours in return.

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